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  1. These Terms and Conditions specify the rules of providing the translation and interpreting services by the translation agency operating under the business name of Biuro Tłumaczeń A&A, Anna Łukasiewicz-Mazur, with its registered office at the following address: ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67 lok. 128, 50-077 Wrocław, entered into the central register of business activity of the Republic of Poland under number 160087882 (hereinafter referred to as “A&A Translation Agency”).


  1. The Client may send an order by e-mail or mail.
  2. Having received the order and the text for translation, A&A Translation Agency shall prepare its quotation and confirm the acceptance of the order in a written form. Such a confirmation may be sent by e-mail or mail.
  3. The order confirmation sent by A&A Translation Agency shall include the following information: approximate number of standard pages (1 standard page of simple translation consists of 1500 characters, including spaces, and of certified translation – 1125 characters, including spaces; the characters are counted in the translated text, each commenced standard page is counted as the next standard page), net and gross rate per 1 standard page, approximate cost of complete translation, and deadline for its completion.
  4. A&A Translation Agency shall commence the translation after the Client approves the terms and conditions specified in the confirmation of order acceptance (the approval to be sent by e-mail or mail) and after A&A Translation Agency receives the bank confirmation of making the advance payment, if any.
  5. The Client shall be entitled to cancel the order in a written form sent by e-mail or mail,. Yet, in such a case, the Client shall pay for the text translated until the moment of order cancellation. If the translation has not been commenced yet (it also refers to complete cancellation of confirmed interpreting services), A&A Translation Agency shall charge the Client the preparatory fee in the amount of 15%+ VAT of the gross value of the translation/interpreting service but not higher than PLN 500 + VAT.
  6. The entity placing an order shall be obliged to cover the costs of translation/interpreting service when the person responsible for payment has not made it, even when being an agent in the ordering process.


  1. A&A Translation Agency shall be liable on account of provided translation/interpreting services up to the amount of the price paid by the Client for the said translation/interpreting services.
  2. A&A Translation Agency shall not be liable for the content included in the text provided for translation, in particular if the content constitutes the violation of personal goods of any third parties or violates the law in any other scope.
  3. A&A Translation Agency shall not be liable for any inadequacies in the text provided for translation and for the errors in translation whose occurrence is attributable to the Client.
  4. Any and all guidelines concerning the manner of translation and the application of vocabulary or terminology applied exclusively by the Client shall be submitted to A&A Translation Agency together with the text for translation. If there are no guidelines in that scope, A&A Translation Agency shall not accept the complaints concerning the translation in which the vocabulary and terminology applied by the Client have not been used.
  5. A&A Translation Agency shall not be liable for delayed service of letters/parcels by the Polish Post or courier firms.
  6. A&A translation Agency shall accept the complaints concerning the errors in the provided translation/interpreting services if their occurrence is attributable only and exclusively to A&A Translation Agency.
  7. The complaint shall be lodged in a written form within seven days of submitting the completed translation/providing the interpreting services to the Client by A&A Translation Agency. The complaint shall be justified and shall include precise description and location of an error in the translation (number of page and line where the error is found, and description of the type of error).
  8. If A&A Translation Agency admits the complaint, then A&A Translation Agency shall correct the translated text within 7 days of receiving the complaint, without any additional fees.


  1. The controller of your personal data is Anna Łukasiewicz-Mazur running A&A Biuro Tłumaczeń, a translation agency with its registered office at the following address: ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67 lok. 128, 50-077 Wrocław. Your personal data is processed for the purpose of provision of translation/interpreting services. You have the right of access to the content of your data, right to its rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, and right to object to processing. The detailed information concerning the data processing is provided in the information clauses in the tab of “Ochrona danych osobowych” [Personal Data Protection] (http://aia-tlumaczenia.pl/pl/29/ochrona-danych-osobowych).
  2. The business entities being the parties to the service provision agreement hereby represent that:

2.1 They have the status of separate data controllers in relation to the data of persons specified as the parties, the parties’ representatives, attorneys, contact persons, as interpreted in Article 4 (7) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as “the RODO”).

2.2 Each Party gives the consent that the other Party processes the personal data made available to each other at any time in connection with the exercise of the rights and/or performance of the obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions by the Parties (of which in connection with payment processing).

2.3 The Parties undertake that in the scope of such data, they shall apply any and all principles arising from the provisions of the GDPR, in particular in the scope of proper protection of such data against unauthorised access, destruction, damage or loss, as well as they shall fulfil the information obligation referred to in Article 14 of the GDPR in relation to the persons whose data they receive. The information clause for the clients’ and business partners’ representatives and employees is available in the tab of “Ochrona danych osobowych” [Personal Data Protection]






  1. The translation/interpreting services provided by A&A Translation Agency shall be its property until the Client pays the total price for the translation/interpreting services.
  2. A&A Translation Agency shall consider all texts received from the Client within the order fulfilment as confidential and shall keep their content secret.
  3. A&A Translation Agency does not agree to making its translations available to other translation agencies or translators without obtaining prior written consent from A&A Translation Agency.
  4. The provisions of the Civil Code shall be applicable to all issues which are not regulated by these Terms and Conditions.
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